Evaluate Your Web Analytics Solution Towards GDPR In 12 Steps

Find out if your analytics solution guarantees data accuracy and privacy, including GDPR compliance.

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  • How to make sure your web analytics data is accurate?
  • Will the GDPR change web analytics and data collection practices?
  • How will the GDPR impact the issue of data privacy?
  • What is the right to be forgotten?
  • How will the rules for consent change under new privacy regulations?
  • Which privacy standards should digital analytics meet?
  • How to provide Do Not Track and Opt-Out options?
  • Should you look for an off-the-shelf or create your own custom analytics platform?

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About the Authors

Filip Kazmierczak

Filip Ka┼║mierczak Web Analyst & Conversion Rate Optimization Expert specializing in quantitative and qualitative research. Experienced in managing and maintaining analytics and marketing infrastructures while staying up to date with any new web analytics and growth marketing techniques and solutions.

Julian Jelinski

Conversion Rate Optimization Copy Expert at Piwik PRO specializing in issues of online privacy and security with a long history of working in the online industry. Experienced in content management and content creation.

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