Piwik PRO & European Financial Bank Case Study: Mapping Customer Journey in the Banking Industry

Learn how a leading bank in the European Union Mapped the Customer Journey Across e-banking and m-banking with Piwik PRO

Find out how Piwik PRO helped European Financial:

  • Merge analytics data from web, mobile, CRM platforms and offline records into a single customer view.
  • Reach secure member areas and transactional areas to get the whole customer journey between e-banking and m-banking.
  • Comply with security and privacy requirements providing on-premises hosting option.
  • Get a clear picture of banks’ customers behavior at all online touchpoints.
  • Overcome data sampling and data limits of Google Analytics (by guaranteeing no data limits nor sampling).
  • Allow banks’ marketing department deploy marketing tags quickly and with minimal technical knowledge.

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Who uses Piwik PRO?

Individuals, big and small companies, and governments all over the world have already liberated their analytics with Piwik PRO.

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