Comparison of 10 leading consent management platforms

Compare 40 key differences to determine which CMP fits your business needs: Piwik PRO, Cookie Information, Cookiebot, Usercentrics, OneTrust, UniConsent, Didomi, Osano, CookieYes and Ketch.

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Learn how these consent management platforms vary in various categories, such as:

Hosting options: check what hosting options are available – cloud, private cloud or choosing data residency.

Security certifications: see which vendors are ISO 27001 certified.

GDPR-compliance: learn if these platforms comply with the GDPR that gives individuals full control over their personal data.

Features and functionalities: check which features are available, such as re-consent options, real-time geotargeting, cookie scanning, export of reports and more.

Integrations possibilities: check which platform offers integrations with Google Consent Mode and Google Tag Manager.

Banner customization options: see if you can visually customize the banner, create the popup or bar layout, or add visual elements.

Data subject request management: find out if the platform allows you to handle data subject requests or offer data subject request widgets. 

Customer care: learn what customer care features are available, such as contact via email, online help center, or more personalized support. 

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