Free comparison of 4 enterprise-ready customer data platforms

Get to know 25 key differences between Tealium, Ensighten, BlueVenn and Piwik PRO to find out which platform fits your business’s needs

In this comparison we’ll showcase how the analyzed platforms differ from each other when it comes to:

  • Mapping the whole customer journey
  • Merging user profiles across channels, devices and partners
  • Importing data from offline sources, warehouses or exchanging data with business partners
  • Having privacy dedicated Opt-out/Do Not Track options or an integrated consent manager
  • Compliance with international privacy legislations (including: the GDPR and HIPAA)
  • Hosting options and data ownership
  • Access to raw and historical data
  • Possibility to enrich data

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About the Authors

Filip Kazmierczak

Web Analyst & Conversion Rate Optimization Expert specializing in quantitative and qualitative research. Experienced in managing and maintaining analytics and marketing infrastructures while staying up to date with any new web analytics and growth marketing techniques and solutions.

Karolina Matuszewska

Content Marketer at Piwik PRO. Specializing in issues of on-site and off-site personalization. Transforming technical jargon into engaging and informative articles dedicated for digital marketers and web analytics specialists.

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Individuals, big and small companies, and governments all over the world have already liberated their analytics with Piwik PRO.

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