Free Comparison of 4 Leading Customer Journey Analytics Platforms

Compare 21 features between Woopra, Adobe Marketing Cloud, Google Analytics and Piwik PRO and find the best match for your business.

In this comparison we’ll look at platform features such as:

  • Integration and data import capabilities
  • Detailed and actionable journey discovery reporting
  • Journey mapping, visualization, and 360 single customer view
  • Journey orchestration features such as personalized on and off-site messaging
  • Security and privacy attributes that keep data secure and ensure legal compliance
  • Multi-level customer support & help benefits like success managers, implementation specialists, and analytics consultants

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About the Authors

Marek Juszczyński

Head of Marketing at Piwik PRO. His areas of expertise include Conversion Optimization and B2B marketing.

Peter Curac-Dahl

Dog petting Wikipedia peruser bound by the universal laws of coffee. Consumer of all info tech and business related. Producing useful insights with concise thought-provoking material.

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Individuals, big and small companies, and governments all over the world have already liberated their analytics with Piwik PRO.

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