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Web Analytics vs. GDPR.
Will New Privacy Regulations Impact Digital Marketers?

Learn how to prepare your company for the changes GDPR will bring to web analytics and digital marketing. Find out how to safely collect, analyze data and stay GDPR compliant. How will GDPR change web analytics? Uncover GDPR compliant data collection practices for your tracking platform.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How can you prepare your organization for the changes resulting from GDPR
  • How to guard your organization against up to 20 million euro fine for violating GDPR
  • What are the ePrivacy Regulations and will they apply to your organization
  • Why do you need Data Protection Officer in your organization
  • What is the Right to be Forgotten and how to provide it
  • How will the rules for consent change under new privacy regulations
  • How to make sure that your clients freely exercise Data Subject Rights
  • How to provide Do Not Track and Opt-Out options
  • What is pseudonymous data and how to handle it in a secure way
  • And much more…

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About the speaker

MichaƂ Gonera

Solutions Architect at Piwik PRO

Michal specializes in advising clients in process of choosing appropriate products and configurations for their companies.