Flexible and user-friendly web analytics that gives you actionable insights

Improve your website performance with intuitive default and custom reports, raw data, easy privacy settings, and dedicated technical support. Use a product similar to what you know and ready to meet the needs of all your teams.

Key benefits:

100% data control and high-level security features.

Unlimited access to raw and unsampled data.

Easy-to-use built-in and custom reports.

Full customer journey analysis.

Integrated analytics, tag manager, consent management, and customer data platform.

Integration and customization capabilities.

Safe integrations with Google products, CRMs, ad platforms, and more.

Privacy compliance with the tick-of-a-box.

Gain actionable insights with Piwik PRO Analytics Suite while protecting customers’ data and privacy.

Use an analytics platform ready to meet the needs of all your teams. Collect, analyze, and activate your web and app data with ease, while protecting visitors’ privacy.

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Key features of our website analytics platform

Advanced analytics capabilities

Use a modern platform that effortlessly handles sessions and events. Take advantage of such features as event tracking, ecommerce reporting, real-time reporting, session metrics, and custom dimensions.

A powerful analytics stack

Take analytics to the next level by combining it with other Piwik PRO modules – Tag Manager, Consent Manager and Customer Data Platform. Use easy integrations with ad platforms, Google products, BI tools and more.

Privacy compliance by design

Ensure compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, TDDDG, and more with predefined settings. Securely store data in the EU. Thanks to our privacy features, such as data anonymization, get the full view of the customer journey.

Smooth learning curve

Get started quickly with the platform’s intuitive interface and frictionless onboarding. Use an advanced analytics platform with ease.

Top-notch customer care

Use extensive help center resources, including video tutorials and the Community forum, or reach out for dedicated technical support.

Competitive pricing plans

Choose between a forever-free Core plan and paid Enterprise, which gives you high-touch customer care, hosting flexibility, and even more possibilities to use your data.

We teamed up with Piwik PRO over two years ago, not only for our own platform, but also for our customers. We’re working side by side with Piwik PRO to make sure that our customers’ first-party data is properly collected and used. Candid’s philosophy is to be open and curious, working with Piwik PRO enhances this.”

Founder & CEO at Candid

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Public institutions, private companies and enterprises trust us and value our privacy-oriented approach.