Analytics and marketing: Marketing manager power session

You can’t measure your conversions, assess brand awareness and see which pieces of content are most effective without the right analytical data. Join Piwik PRO’s practical marketing manager power session, enhance your analytical skills and put your data into action to achieve higher ROI.


Host: Timo Dechau

Founder, Tracking & Analytics Engineer at Deepskydata

Timo is recognized as one of the leading figures in digital analytics. He has 8 years of experience in product development and has been making data video content for the past 2 years. And he shares his knowledge with others. Timo’s insightful content is consumed by over 10,000 data enthusiasts.

Shaun Adams

Chief Operating Officer at Credit Canary

Shaun is a data-driven leader with 15+ years of experience helping businesses transform data into strategic assets. His career began in the mining industry but has since spanned roles across retail, media, legal, SaaS, and finance. With a keen eye for mapping value streams, he leverages data, analytics, and experimentation to optimize decision-making.

What’s in it for you

Importance of data analytics in marketing

Learn how you can analyze marketing data using a variety of methods and models depending on the measured KPIs. See how to analyze customer journeys and draw actionable insights.

Marketing attribution

Understand the value and challenges of attribution in marketing. Discover the pros and cons of different attribution models before taking action.

Real analytics know-how

Find out how to surface data from marketing and sales with custom reports, dimensions, calculated metrics, channel grouping, and more.

Actionable advice from experts

Get professional tips on how to use analytics data in marketing whether to analyze brand awareness or conversions.

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