Privacy and marketing: How to do powerful analytics with less data

As a marketer, you have to respect visitors’ privacy and be able to gather valuable analytics data to optimize your marketing operations. Learn the practical and privacy-compliant Piwik PRO use cases and improve your marketing effectiveness.


Host: Timo Dechau

Founder, Tracking & Analytics Engineer at Deepskydata

Timo is recognized as one of the leading figures in digital analytics. He has 8 years of experience in product development and has been making data video content for the past 2 years. And he shares his knowledge with others. Timo’s insightful content is consumed by over 10,000 data enthusiasts.

Siobhan Solberg

Privacy consultant, founder of Raze

Siobhan has been a data and marketing professional and privacy consultant for almost a decade. She makes privacy accessible for companies who care about their customers so they can unlock their growth and do better marketing while building trust. She empowers marketing and data teams with the strategies they need to scale ethically.

What’s in it for you

Introduction to Piwik PRO Analytics Suite privacy features

See how to take privacy-friendly analytics to the next level with Piwik PRO’s robust tracking, consent, and anonymization features.

Data collection and privacy

Find out more about building privacy-focused data collection strategies. Take a look on how privacy by design works and how to use it to your advantage when planning analytics setups.

Privacy-compliant analytics

Learn more about consent manager setup and how to gather data while adhering to global privacy regulations.

Actionable advice from experts

Discover the practical benefits of data minimization. Find out more about privacy, compliance, reducing risks and making your data more accessible to act on.

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