On-Premises Web Analytics for Full Security and Data Control

Piwik PRO – the self-hosted web analytics tool of choice for enterprises, organizations and governments. Provide yourself with powerful insights, full data retention and strict compliance with legal requirements.

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Piwik PRO Enterprise Web Analytics’ Highlights

Professional Setup & Configuration

Your Piwik PRO install will be set up on server of your choice by our technical team. You’ll also be advised on the best way to configure your Piwik PRO on-premises web analytics platform to ensure optimal performance.

Log analytics

Track your audience without traces. Log analytics enables tracking without changing the JavaScript code. This is the way to go for entities who, for PR reasons, need to gather data in a discreet way.

Enterprise-level Support & SLA

Receive enterprise-level support from the Piwik PRO team and dedicated Project Manager. Choose from the range of service level agreements and rest assured that all issues are resolved within guaranteed reaction time.

Full Privacy Compliance

Don’t worry about adhering to local privacy regulations. With Piwik PRO your self-hosted web analytics setup remains in full compliance with strict EU, US, Chinese, and Russian data protection laws.

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They were very professional and delivered within budget and timeframes. the resulting implementation is perfectly integrated with our web environment both in terms of look and function.

Étienne Beaulé
Chief, Application Platforms, Government Of Canada

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Piwik PRO has been a pleasure to work with. They’re quick to reply, easy to work with, and get the job done. The analytics in Piwik far surpass our previous solution, and give ourselves and our clients much better insight into our work.

Paul Miller
Software Designer, CivicPlus

Customization & Clear Data Presentation

Set and customize unlimited number of dashboards to ensure you always have the most relevant information at your fingertips. Display your data in tables, tag clouds, sparklines, pie charts or vertical bar graphs – make it easier to analyze.

Access to Raw Data & API

Benefit from the joined forces of web analytics and other tools of your choice. Use Piwik PRO raw data to create in-depth reports meeting your particular needs and requirements.

Real Time Analytics

Get the most up-to-date analytics data. See the flow of visits to your website and review individual user sessions. Integrate Real Time Analytics feature with other tools to gain maximum insights into your users’ behavior.

Integration with Powerful Tag Manager

Use a combination of Piwik PRO self-hosted web analytics and on-premises Tag Manager that allows to easily implement, manage and modify all sort of tags, trackers and marketing tools.

Store it how you want

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Complete control & data ownership

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Hosted on our secure servers

The Piwik PRO Marketing Suite Components

All of the tools and platforms in the Piwik PRO Marketing Suite work seamlessly together – allowing you to collect, analyze, and activate your customer data all in one place.

Collect, segment, and active your data with the Piwik PRO Data Management Platform (DMP).

  • Collect your valuable first-party customer data from your websites, mobiles apps, platforms, and systems (e.g. CRM systems, marketing automation platforms, online and offline transactional systems, etc.)
  • Build audience profiles and single customer views (SCV) by merging data from various devices and sessions and connecting them with common identifiers (e.g. email addresses and cookies).
  • Activate your data by utilizing your audience segments for media buying, content personalization, and many other use cases.
  • Pull data about your visitors in real-time with low-latency APIs to power the decisioning process, content personalization & more.

Set up, deploy, and manage all of your tags and pixels in one place and push data to the Piwik PRO DMP.

  • Deploy, manage, and modify all your tags from one easy-to-use interface
  • Run A/B tests without the annoying flash of original content (FOOC) issue (via synchronous tags)
  • Collect specific data (e.g. clicks on a CTA button) by using triggers and conditions
  • Avoid data loss and missed opportunities by testing and debugging your tags before they go live

Get detailed insights into your web visitors, mobile app usage, site engagement, and campaign & audience performance with the Piwik PRO Analytics Platform.

  • Analyze the performance of your A/B tests, AdWords campaigns, and marketing & advertising campaigns from one dashboard
  • Optimize marketing spend by using Conversion Analytics to properly attribute conversions across different channels
  • Increase profits by learning more about your customers’ behavior with Ecommerce Analytics
  • Find and fix costly holes in your sales funnel and increase conversions with Funnel Analytics
  • Track specific user behavior with Goal, Event, and Content Tracking
  • Increase app downloads by analyzing key metrics with App Store Analytics (available for the App Store and Google Play)

The Piwik PRO Analytics platform also offers SharePoint and Confluence (Atlassian) analytics for analyzing productivity and learning about how your employees use these 2 tools.

Use your audience segments created in the Piwik PRO DMP to serve personalized, engaging content to your users & customers across web and mobile.

  • Personalize the content on your website based on your users’ interests, web history, location, etc.
  • Display dynamic ads to your potential customers to increase CTRs and conversions
  • Increase ecommerce sales by showing the right product recommendations to the right users

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