Piwik PRO provides Enterprise-Level Support and services for Piwik Web Analytics.

Piwik PRO offers server-side setup, ongoing expert support, regular updates, and consulting. Don’t let system imperfections skew your data.

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Piwik PRO enhances your Piwik setup

Server-side setup

Let our team of engineers kick-start your infrastructure into high gear. As a Piwik PRO web analytics user, you will be given a Dedicated Project Coordinator who will be there to answer all your questions and help you get the most of the tool.

Enterprise-level user support

Upon upgrading your Piwik web analytics, you receive Enterprise-Level Deployment and support with the platform’s configuration. Have your current issues with maintenance and databases sorted out.

24/7 monitoring

Upon upgrading, you receive around-the-clock monitoring of performance, data collection, and backup consistency. Make use of proactive maintenance and Emergency Incident Handling.

Custom SLAs

Talk to us to arrange Custom SLA for your Piwik PRO deployment. Receive maximum uptime for the reliability of your data and immediate reaction in case of system failures. We care about the quality of your data.

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They were very professional and delivered within budget and timeframes. the resulting implementation is perfectly integrated with our web environment both in terms of look and function.

Étienne Beaulé
Chief, Application Platforms, Government Of Canada
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Piwik PRO has been a pleasure to work with. They’re quick to reply, easy to work with, and get the job done. The analytics in Piwik far surpass our previous solution, and give ourselves and our clients much better insight into our work.

Paul Miller
Software Designer, CivicPlus

Regular updates for better performance

Make sure you are running the latest, upgraded version of the platform without losing your historical data. Stay informed about the latest Premium Features.

Scalability for higher traffic

Is your company growing? Configure Piwik for high traffic. Adjust your infrastructure to the amount of traffic your websites receive. Make sure sudden spikes in traffic do not threaten your web analytics effectiveness.

Increased data security

Ensure Enterprise-Level System Stability and prevent data loss. Safeguard your web analytics against bottlenecks and optimize archiving processes. Configure user access to data.

Hassle-free deployment

Benefit from Simple Setup and Update procedures. Even your junior technical staff will be able to handle the platform. There’s no need for advanced technical knowledge.

Store it how you want

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Complete data control & ownership

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Hosted on our secure servers

The Piwik PRO Analytics Suite Components

All of the tools and platforms in the Piwik PRO Analytics Suite work seamlessly together – allowing you to collect, analyze, and activate your customer data all in one place.

Build precise data-driven audiences based on first-party behavioral data.

  • Collect and segment first-party data from Piwik PRO Analytics Suite, reach audiences based on your segments with content and ads.
  • Export audience segments to DSPs and ad platforms.
  • Create a single customer profile (SCV) by integrating data across Piwik PRO and importing it from other systems.
  • Activate your data by utilizing your audience segments for media buying, content, and many other use cases.
  • Pull data about your visitors in real-time with low-latency APIs to power the decisioning process.

Set up, deploy and manage your tracking pixels & tags across hundreds of websites in a hassle-free way.

  • Choose from our vast library of tag templates & variables for ux tools, web analytics tools, a/b testing tools, ad and remarketing pixels, and many more.
  • Adhere to strict privacy laws and regulations. Enforce Do Not Track (DNT) and Opt Out features to provide your users with freedom of choice.
  • Increase your marketing agility thanks to intuitive user interface, fully integrated platform and ability to manage hundreds of tags within your organization with ease.
  • Consolidate your tags and loads them asynchronously (to boost page load times) or synchronously (to eliminate Flash of Original Content during A/B testing).
  • View historical changes, revert back to previous versions, or create snapshots of your current configuration using changelog.

Obtain insights into the way your clients interact with your websites and web applications. Maintain 100% data ownership with Piwik PRO Web Analytics.

  • Segment and break down customer behavior, map your data to specific users and use the findings to improve the UX of your website or product.
  • Host Piwik PRO on your own infrastructure, in a dedicated private cloud, or take advantage of Piwik PRO Cloud services.
  • Receive enterprise-level support including user training, 24/7 monitoring and a Piwik PRO team guaranteeing hassle-free installation and configuration of your product.
  • Adhere to the most stringent internal security policies and comply with all international privacy regulations, including HIPAA and GDPR.
  • Gain access to raw data at the session level. Export your raw data and securely place it in any business intelligence tools that your team utilizes.

The Piwik PRO Analytics platform also offers SharePoint and Confluence (Atlassian) analytics for analyzing productivity and learning about how your employees use these 2 tools.

Display custom pop-up messages and notifications to preselected segments of audiences.

  • Create, modify, and deploy pop-ups and creatives with ease without involving your IT or design departments.
  • Design each campaign with the user in mind with our extensive library of pop-up and notification templates.
  • Promote content to preselected segments of visitors based on their activities on your website.
  • Display customized content on your website (including banners, ads and other HTML elements) based on data collected about your visitors.
  • Perform simple A/B tests on creatives. Launch exit, time, scroll, and other behaviour-triggered pop-ups and messages.

Learn more about the support and services Piwik’s upgraded version offers.

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