Piwik PRO vs. Google Analytics & Google Analytics 360

A product comparison that will help you choose the right web analytics software

Learn how Piwik PRO, Google Analytics and Google Analytics 360 are different when it comes to:

  • Data processing, connectivity & collection flexibility
    Find out which product gives you fresh, unsampled data that you can push to popular BI and data visualization tools.
  • Reporting features & integrations
    Get to know which software will allow you to process personal data and employ dedicated solutions for tracking SharePoint.
  • Tag management capabilities
    Discover which vendor offers a tag manager that supports synchronous tags, content personalization and enhanced privacy features.
  • Data ownership & privacy
    See which product provides you with 100% data ownership, flexible hosting options and is compliant with the most stringent privacy laws.
  • Data security
    Compare vendors’ approach to HIPAA compliance, their security certifications and offered authentication and authorization standards.
  • Customer care & SLA
    Check which product comes with a personalized implementation and onboarding, dedicated customer success manager and an SLA.

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About the Authors

Karolina Lubowicka

Content Marketer and Social Media Specialist at Piwik PRO. An experienced copywriter who takes complex topics of data privacy & GDPR and makes them understandable for all.

Karolina Matuszewska

Content Marketer at Piwik PRO. Specializing in issues of on-site and off-site personalization. Transforming technical jargon into engaging and informative articles dedicated for digital marketers and web analytics specialists.

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