Piwik PRO vs. Google Analytics: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Web-Analytics Tool

Compare Google Analytics and Piwik PRO and Find the Analytics Tool to Fit Your Business’s Needs

Learn how Piwik PRO and Google Analytics differ from each other when it comes to:

  • Data Collection Flexibility
    We compare the hosting and tracking methods of Piwik PRO and Google Analytics and examine the availability and limits of customizable variables/dimensions.
  • Reporting Features
    We compare the reporting capabilities of each web analytics solution highlighting which metrics, reports, and variables are available with Piwik PRO and which with Google Analytics.
  • Data Processing, Connectivity & Sampling
    We present which vendor allows you to access raw data and connect to data visualization solutions, and which provides unsampled data and streaming API of various information.
  • Data Ownership & Privacy
    We showcase which vendor provides 100% data ownership, backups and redundancy, and which is compliant with international privacy laws (including GDPR).
  • Flexibility, Limits & Customization
    We compare the available options of data being stored and exported and check if there are any limits when it comes to actions, properties and goals tracked.
  • Integrations
    We list possible integrations available for each web analytics vendor including a tag management system, AdWords or DoubleClick integration.

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About the Authors

Filip Kazmierczak

Filip Kaźmierczak Web Analyst & Conversion Rate Optimization Expert specializing in quantitative and qualitative research. Experienced in managing and maintaining analytics and marketing infrastructures while staying up to date with any new web analytics and growth marketing techniques and solutions.

Julian Jelinski

Conversion Rate Optimization Copy Expert at Piwik PRO specializing in issues of online privacy and security with a long history of working in the online industry. Experienced in content management and content creation.

Who uses Piwik PRO?

Individuals, big and small companies, and governments all over the world have already liberated their analytics with Piwik PRO.

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