Piwik PRO Secure Product Analytics: Improve User Flow and User Engagement by Learning How Your Clients Interact with Your Products

Optimize your products’ KPIs with detailed behavioral data on web and mobile while maintaining privacy compliance.

secure prdouct analytics

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Piwik PRO Product Analytics allows you to:

secure product analytics

Maintain 100% data ownership for cloud & on-premises

  • With Piwik PRO you are the sole owner of your data. None of it is ever sent to other servers or third parties and you can store it in a location of your choice.
  • Piwik PRO can be deployed on your own infrastructure, in a private cloud, at a third-party data center or on our secure servers located in US and EU (Germany, Netherlands).

secure product analytics

Map the whole customer journey

  • Build a holistic view of the customer journey, understand how your product is used and maintain customer engagement across different devices.
  • Track user behavior across web and mobile, including secure member areas with cross-device attribution.
  • Break down user activity across touchpoints to a granular level to improve the user experience and user flow.

Comply with strict privacy laws

  • Adhere to the most stringent internal security policies and comply with all international privacy regulations including: GDPR, HIPA and Chinese and Russian Internet Laws.
  • Collect visitor consent to respect user privacy and efficiently manage all data subject requests with Piwik PRO Consent Manager.

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Piwik PRO Analytics Suite allows us to gather more granular data about website visitors while having full privacy compliance. Piwik PRO’s customer success team ensures our system is fully operational and working at 100% efficiency.

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Piwik PRO has been a pleasure to work with. They’re quick to reply, easy to work with, and get the job done. The analytics in Piwik far surpass our previous solution, and give ourselves and our clients much better insight into our work.

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Software Designer, CivicPlus

With Piwik PRO Analytics Suite you always get:

Single Customer Views

Combine data collected throughout Piwik PRO Analytics Suite to build highly accurate profiles of your customers and research user behavior patterns on the most granular level. Integrate first-party data from web analytics, your company’s CRM, offline sources, GDPR consent data, e-commerce transactional systems, forms, app data and other data sources. Get a complete picture of your customers.

Customer journey analytics

Track and analyze the way your product is used to improve user flow and UX. Build a holistic view of the customer journey to maintain customer engagement across different devices. Track behavior across web and mobile, including secure member areas, with cross-device attribution.

User engagement marketing data

Get detailed information about the behavior and preferences of your users throughout the customer journey. Use collected data to improve your products and boost KPIs. Optimize user flow and develop tailored campaigns based on insights about customer behavior.

secure product analytics

Secure member area analytics

Reach secure member areas and transactional areas to get the whole customer journey. Break down user activity to a granular level to improve your product and boost KPIs.

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