Free comparison of 6 enterprise-ready tag management systems

Get to know the 40 key differences between Google Tag Manager, Tealium, Segment, Adobe Marketing Cloud, Ensighten & Piwik PRO and finally decide which of them meets the particular needs of your business

In this tag manager comparison we cover the following topics:

  • Data collection flexibility and privacy:
    Hosting methods, privacy features and compliance with international privacy legislation.
  • Supported tags and tag templates:
    Built-in integrations & templates for various marketing tools, custom asynchronous and synchronous HTML and JavaScript tags.
  • Triggers & conditions:
    Comparison of triggers and conditions accessible by default in particular TMS.
  • Supported variables:
    Comparison of variables and templates such as URL based variables, custom JS variables, and custom event template.
  • Testing and debugging:
    Mobile and web debugging mode availability, trigger preview mode, simulate opt-out mode, and others.
  • Flexibility, limits and customization:
    Customization of look and feel of your platform, and limits on tags, custom variables and users.

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About the Authors

Filip Kazmierczak

Filip Ka┼║mierczak Web Analyst & Conversion Rate Optimization Expert specializing in quantitative and qualitative research. Experienced in managing and maintaining analytics and marketing infrastructures while staying up to date with any new web analytics and growth marketing techniques and solutions.

Julian Jelinski

Conversion Rate Optimization Copy Expert at Piwik PRO specializing in issues of online privacy and security with a long history of working in the online industry. Experienced in content management and content creation.

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