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The HIPAA-compliant Freshpaint alternative for safe PHI collection

Safely collect, analyze, and activate patients’ data across your marketing stack. Our suite of products helps you get more data and use the potential of PHI in a way that fully respects HIPAA.

Key benefits:

100% HIPAA-compliant analytics and data activation.

Customizable business associate agreement (BAA).

An interface similar to what you know from Universal Analytics.

Full customer journey analysis.

Integrated analytics, tag manager, consent management platform, and customer data platform.

Safe integrations with ad platforms, Google products, CRM, and more.

Secure data hosting.

Competitive pricing.

Gain and act on actionable marketing insights with Piwik PRO Analytics Suite while ensuring HIPAA compliance.

Our platform simplifies the management of ePHI, allowing you to analyze data without limiting data flow or masking user IDs.

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What makes Piwik PRO a better choice for healthcare organizations

Compliant data collection and more insights

Obtain more valuable information and insights by safely collecting PHI data and improving your customer journey and other business operations.

Competitive pricing

Our customer-friendly plan offers dedicated support, hosting flexibility, an SLA, and rich possibilities for using your data. We support your compliance by signing a BAA.

Intuitive user interface

Use an interface based on familiar concepts that’s easy-to-use for all team members, regardless of their level of analytics expertise. Gain access to all the insights you need through default and custom reports.

Well-integrated product suite

Switch from Freshpaint to a tightly integrated analytics platform, including tag and consent management. Activate data through CDP and gain deeper insights by integrating with ad platforms, CRM, and other tools in your stack.

HIPAA settings made simple

Manage patients’ information with complete control. Use a feature that blocks the gathering of visitor IP addresses. This configuration ensures that Piwik PRO doesn’t collect or store IP addresses, allowing you to enhance your HIPAA compliance.

Enhanced privacy and security

Make sure your data is stored in an HIPAA-compliant data center. Choose the US cloud or one of Microsoft Azure’s 60+ private cloud locations. With SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001 certifications, Piwik PRO ensures top-tier protection for sensitive user data.

“Working with health information means working with sensitive data, which makes privacy compliance the key aspect that healthcare organizations should focus on. Noncompliance with HIPAA regulations could result in sanctions, not to mention the looming loss of users’ trust. Choosing a compliant vendor, like Piwik PRO, helps you avoid those risks because data privacy and security are at the core of our business.”

Lisette Meij

Data Protection Officer at Piwik PRO

Healthcare organizations that choose Piwik PRO:

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