Make the switch to user and privacy-friendly Google Analytics 4 alternative

Choose easy-to-use Piwik PRO Analytics Suite and enjoy robust analytics capabilities with a focus
on data privacy and customization.

Key benefits over GA4:

100% data control. Piwik PRO doesn’t share anything with advertisers, allowing you to safeguard users’ privacy.

Low learning curve. A similar data model, advanced reporting, and key functionalities of Universal Analytics.

Compatibility with other marketing tools. Safe integrations with Google products, CRM, ad platforms, and more.

Competitive pricing. A free-forever Core plan and a paid Enterprise plan with top-notch support and even more possibilities to use your data.

Rich segmentation. Numerous predefined segments that you can use or which you can copy and edit to create new custom segments.

Ready-made reports. A comprehensive suite of pre-made reports that can be used out of the box to analyze online performance. 

Longer data retention. With Piwik PRO, you’ll store data for 14 months with the free Core plan and 25 months or more with the Enterprise plan.

Easy customization options. Customizable reports, dashboards, and integrations to adjust data collection to fit your needs and act on data.

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What makes Piwik PRO stand out from other GA4 alternatives

Seamless migration

Get started with data analysis in under an hour. Set up our platform with only one tracking tag. Easily transfer your settings from Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager (GTM) thanks to the migration tool.

Easy to use 

Use a product similar to what you know from Universal Analytics. Piwik PRO offers modern reporting and features found in GA, including event tracking, funnels and user flows, ecommerce reporting, real-time reporting, session metrics, and custom dimensions.

Privacy by design

Adjust your data processing methods to comply with privacy laws and respect users’ rights. Comply with regulations worldwide, such as GDPR in the EU, TDDDG in Germany, PIPEDA in Canada, LGPD in Brazil, and CCPA in the US.

A complete dataset

Employ data anonymization, respect visitors’ privacy preferences, and still have access to complete customer journey analysis. Use valuable data about attribution, page performance, and user behavior. Decide if you want to work with a full data set or optimize your reports’ efficiency with data sampling.

Top-notch support

Use extensive help center resources, including video tutorials and the Community forum. Choose the Enterprise plan and get help from a dedicated account manager and technical team: personalized onboarding, product implementation, and training.

Compliant data hosting

Keep your data in a private cloud (60+ Azure regions, and EU-owned Orange Cloud and Elastx), or in the public cloud on one of the Azure cloud centers in the US, EU and HK. You can also choose Orange Cloud in France (including Bring Your Own Key encryption) or Elastx in Sweden.

The general feel of the platform quickly convinced us to use Piwik PRO. After some demo sessions, we got really comfortable with the platform. It was similar to what we’ve known from Google Analytics and as we looked deeper, we discovered everything we were looking for. We knew we could introduce Piwik PRO in all our entities without any big issues

Digital Project Manager at DKMS

Brands that trust in Piwik PRO

Public institutions, private companies and enterprises trust us and value our privacy-oriented approach.