HIPAA-compliant analytics for healthcare 

Employ the strictest privacy and security measures while gathering data and evaluating the full customer journey on your website or application. Piwik PRO gives you accuracy, flexibility, and complete control when collecting and analyzing patients data.

Key benefits:

100% HIPAA-compliant web analytics.

A signed business associate agreement (BAA).

Easy-to-use product interface and custom reports.

Integrated analytics, tag manager, consent management platform and customer data platform.

Safe integrations with ad platforms and Google products.

Full customer journey analysis.

Compliance with the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) guidelines on online tracking. 

Deploy healthcare analytics to leverage data for insights and optimize your marketing efforts while attaining the highest privacy standards.

Achieve HIPAA compliance while still gaining actionable marketing insights with Piwik PRO Analytics Suite.

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Key features of our product for healthcare institutions

Secure hosting and backup storage

Ensure your data is stored on HIPAA-compliant data centers. Choose the US cloud or one of 60+ private cloud locations of Microsoft Azure. 

100% data control

Get complete control over patients’ information. Take advantage of advanced user-permission options to manage who on your team can access PHI.

Compliance made easier

Make managing ePHI hassle-free with our platform. Work with your analytics data without the effort of restricting data flow or masking user IDs.

Smooth onboarding

Make the switch seamless for your team with a platform built on familiar concepts. Have all relevant insights at your fingertips thanks to intuitive default reports, custom reports, and dashboards.


Gain a comprehensive understanding of your patients by safely connecting first-party data from various touchpoints: Google products, CRM, ad platforms and more.

Easy HIPAA-compliant settings

Use a function in our product that stops the collection of visitor IP addresses. With this setting, IP addresses are not collected or stored anywhere in Piwik PRO, allowing you to enhance your HIPAA compliance.

“Working with health information means working with sensitive data, which makes privacy compliance the key aspect that healthcare organizations should focus on. Noncompliance with HIPAA regulations could result in sanctions, not to mention the looming loss of users’ trust. Choosing a compliant vendor, like Piwik PRO, helps you avoid those risks because data privacy and security are at the core of our business.”

Lisette Meij

Data Protection Officer at Piwik PRO

Healthcare organizations that choose Piwik PRO:

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