Free Guide: How to Leverage Web Analytics
When Your Company is Dealing with Tons of Sensitive Data

35 pages of best data privacy practices for banking & finance institutions, public sector,healthcare, and more. Prepare your marketing setup for the upcoming shifts in data privacy laws, including GDPR.


Download our whitepaper and steer away from any potential trouble with GDPR and other privacy laws:

  • How to Balance Privacy Risk in a Customer-Centric Business
  • Future Privacy Regulation and Its Impact on Web Analytics
  • Knowing Where Your Data Is and Under Which Sovereignty
  • SaaS vs. On-Premises and the New Privacy Law
  • 3 Levels of Data Risk Classification
  • Privacy Best Practices for Data-Sensitive Industries
  • Flexible On-Premises Solutions for Risk Management
  • Piwik Privacy Settings and Premium Features for Enterprise-Level Security

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Aurélie Pols
is a renowned privacy expert, data scientist, entrepreneur, lecturer, and leader of Mind Your Privacy.

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