Free comparison of leading enterprise-ready web analytics platforms

Compare over 30 features of web analytics software: Piwik PRO, Google Analytics 4 360, Google Analytics 360, Adobe Analytics and Countly Enterprise

In this comparison of web analytics software we cover the following topics:

Reporting features:

Access to different reports, metrics, customizable dashboards, and SharePoint tracking.

Data processing & connectivity:

Raw data access, reporting API, connectors to BI and data visualization tools, built-in integrations.

Data ownership & privacy:

Ownership of your data, compliance with international privacy legislation, data anonymization and redundancy.

Data collection flexibility:

Availability of different tracking mechanisms, hosting methods, custom variables/dimensions and data retention.

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About the author

Szymon Grzesiak

Performance Marketing Manager at Piwik PRO

Marketing expert with rich experience in SEO and SEM campaigns. In recent years, his work has focused mainly on B2B lead acquisition. Fan of marketing automation with Hubspot configuration skills. A WordPress webmaster skilled in HTML and CSS.