Piwik PRO for ecommerce:
Get data-driven insights to boost your online sales

Ecommerce businesses need to get through huge volumes of data to uncover valuable insights about their audiences and put them to work. Piwik PRO makes all of this easy with its integrated analytics platform. During this webinar, you’ll learn how to use Piwik PRO Analytics Suite to improve user experience, optimize product pages, and drive more sales.


Jarek Miazga

Product Manager at Piwik PRO

Jarek is the leader of Analytics makers. He listens to clients and product visionaries, sits at the drawing table with engineers, and they all come up with solutions that we see in the new product. He explains best how each new feature works.

Michał Idziak

Product Evangelist at Piwik PRO

As a Product Evangelist, Michał passionately promotes and advocates for the Piwik PRO Analytics Suite, enhancing user engagement by making the platform more accessible. With a background in marketing, he is responsible for promoting and creating educational content for Piwik PRO end users.

What’s in it for you

How you can make your ecommerce analytics effective

Learn about common issues related to analyzing ecommerce data and ways to resolve them. Discover what your company can achieve with ecommerce analytics and why it’s essential for improving your sales and customer loyalty. 

Ecommerce analytics features and implementation in Piwik PRO

Find out how to improve the performance of your online store with dedicated ecommerce analytics features, like custom product-scoped dimensions. Learn how to easily implement ecommerce tracking for your business.

Integrating Piwik PRO with other tools for a complete ecommerce dataset

Find out how to extend the possibilities of ecommerce analytics with integrated modules of Piwik PRO Analytics Suite. Ensure privacy compliance with a dedicated consent manager. Act on your analytics insights using a native customer data platform.

Real-life examples of what you can achieve with ecommerce analytics

See practical use cases of applying ecommerce analytics to your store. Use Piwik PRO Analytics Suite to streamline your sales funnel, increase the ROI of your campaigns and optimize site performance.

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