Optimizing paid campaign performance with Piwik PRO Analytics and Customer Data Platform

Paid advertising can play a vital part in your business’s growth, but improving results while maintaining a healthy ROI might be a real challenge. Join our webinar with experts who will present practical strategies for optimizing the performance of paid campaigns using data from Piwik PRO Analytics and Customer Data Platform (CDP).


Michał Sosiński

Senior Performance Marketing Specialist at Piwik PRO

Michał is a Marketing Performance Specialist with over seven years of experience in optimizing Google, Meta, LinkedIn, and Microsoft Ads. He’s a fan of leveraging strategy and analytics to understand client needs and improve customer journeys.

Michał Idziak

Product Evangelist at Piwik PRO

Michał passionately promotes and advocates for the Piwik PRO Analytics Suite, enhancing user engagement by making the platform more accessible. With a background in marketing, he is responsible for promoting and creating educational content for Piwik PRO end users.

What’s in it for you

Key challenges that marketers face in paid advertising

See how to boost conversion rates and address common issues while ensuring privacy compliance. Explore various advertising platforms and their campaign types, including Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and LinkedIn.

Mastering conversion tracking for marketing campaigns

Understand strategies for configuring and tracking online and offline conversions. See how to use analytics to set up goals and upload conversions, making the process easier and more efficient.

Enhancing campaign performance with segmentation and custom reports

Learn how to perform traffic-level segmentation to gain deeper insights into customer behavior, improve targeting, and optimize campaign effectiveness. Enhance the decision-making process by tracking metrics such as visitor clicks and bounce rates.

Tips for implementing Piwik PRO Analytics and Customer Data Platform

Find out how to implement and integrate Analytics and CDP to enrich campaign performance with actionable data insights. Explore real-life use cases showing how these integrations can benefit your organization.

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