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Digital Public Sector: How to protect citizens’ privacy online?

Risks and solutions when using Google Analytics, demonstrating GDPR compliance and ensuring public trust.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The key privacy compliance pitfalls associated with the use of Google Analytics.
  • Practical steps for reaching the minimum compliance criteria for websites.
  • A full overview designing an analytics setup that keeps you compliant, and gives great analytics.

… and more, with an access to free compliance tools and assessment to evaluate what should be your own next steps.

We will discuss the most popular third-party services with a special focus on the use of Google Analytics by the public sector. No legal jargon, just pure practical information from industry experts.

After the webinar, you will have a clear view on how to evaluate your website’s compliance level and meet GDPR requirements across your organization.

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About the speakers

Jonas Voldbjerg Andersen

CTO at Cookie Information

CTO with a demonstrated history of directing the development of Privacy and Compliance Solutions. Skilled in GDPR, ePrivacy and software development. Jonas is a strong privacy professional with vast experience from advising enterprise clients and lawyers on compliance matters related to websites and mobile apps.

Maciej Zawadziński

CEO at Piwik PRO

Maciej is an expert in analytics and advertising technology and founder of several successful companies. He has led Clearcode to its position as a leading software house building custom advertising and marketing technology and in 2013 co-founded Piwik PRO, a GDPR-compliant analytics platform.